Market Intelligence Along with the fascinating opportunities it presents, globalization has also brought drastic challenges. The surge of emerging markets offers appealing prospects for growth, but they also can be mysterious environments. Most players possess neither the energy nor the resources to tap this lucrative potential on their own. Understanding the prospective benefits offered by foreign markets, along with their unique challenges, is the first step towards designing a successful market access strategy. While instantaneous and seemingly unlimited information on almost every market is taken for granted in today’s globalized economy, successful business strategies are generated only with accurate and selective information. We at Gulden Group pledge to provide such indispensable market intelligence with our extensive experience on doing business in Turkey and South America. Let us measure it for you to manage it. Tell us your specific needs.
Deal Sourcing Every market and every industry has its own conditions for sustainable growth. There is no one-size-fits all type strategy, and a deal struck in one market may not provide the receipt for success in another. Yet, we at Gulden Group understand that for a successful deal to be made, quality, consistency, continuity and reliability must be present in every transaction. We, therefore, carefully scrutinize the right deals for our clients that establish the solid foundation of enduring relationships. Hence, we have built our reputation on honesty and trust as the basis of our success. Contact us to learn more about our achievements and be our partner in success.
Market Access Accessing foreign markets is not an automatic process. It demands hard-work, determination and resilience. It also requires an unparalleled knowledge of trade policy, tariff and non-tariff barriers, and key linkages among sectors. Understanding specific market conditions, regulatory compliance, standardization and certification requirements is also critical. We at Gulden Group, don’t see market access as a one-time transaction. For us, it means creating an enduring relationship with our clients to ensure their robust integration into global value chains. Such an outcome can only be achieved via precise information about the market in focus, its players, their strengths and weaknesses as well as consumer choices, priorities and concerns. Being your native partner in Turkey and South America is where our strength lies. We give you the market. It’s yours to conquer.
Investment Advisory Taking risk is being prepared for predictable obstacles against the successful execution of a given project. Starting a project without preparing for risk however turns every investment decision into a gamble. We at Gulden Group know that prediction and preparedness lay at the core of successful risk analysis. We are your reliable partner in managing risk in Turkey and South America. We provide real value to our clients through our exclusive expertise and extensive experience gained through working with stakeholders of all scale and in all sectors in both markets. We know that effective risk analysis requires providing market analysis, finding available government incentives and the right local partner that will put you a step ahead of the competition in your new market. We are also your one-stop shop throughout your quest in Turkey - be it market intelligence, local partnerships, company establishment, or your licensing and certification needs. We are here to make sure that you focus on solid investments, not worrying about a risky gamble. Let us help you open the doors of your thriving business.
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